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CNC Lathe Machining

Bronco Machine is a full service production machine shop with 8 CNC lathe's, plenty of support equipment and the right people to meet your needs.

Three Axis Machining

We manufacture our parts the most efficient way possible. Our live tooling equipment has the capability of making parts to completion including 3 axis milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, etc. This eliminates the need for further secondary operations involving fixtures that can result in positioning errors. This also insures dimensional relationships such as concentricity and true position. In many cases we can even eliminate grinding operations by holding tolerances as close as .0002" right on the machine. All of this means more accurate parts at lower prices and complete control over the delivery schedule. Our sample parts page shows examples of parts made on our integrated Turn-Mill centers.

Post Production Services

Heat treating, plating, black oxide and even aircraft treatments and finishes are available. Certifications available on request.


We are now offering production sawing of bar stock as a separate service to our customers. For years we have been sawing bar stock for our own jobs using our Marvel heavy duty production band saw. This machine has a 10" bar capacity and is very fast and accurate holding cut length tolerances as close as .010".


Some of our customers require us to supply parts pre assembled. We make precision thrust bearing cages assembled with ball bearings. Check valves assembled with springs, retaining washers and check balls.

Number Stamping

Many parts that we make get roll stamped with part number, part name or heat code for material traceability purposes. We also can do flat stamping on hex flats or on the ends of parts.


Rotary broaching is a method of machining a driver socket into a screw. Many of the screws we make are supplied with hex sockets or Torx style sockets. We can make our own broaching tools so we are able to machine many different types of sockets such as hex, six lobe, square, spline or any specials you might have.

Parts Washing

We have looked at many types of parts washing machines. None of these do as good a job as our proven method of cleaning parts that are delicate or have threads, where nicks and scratches are not allowed and  discoloration or residue of any kind is not acceptable.

Bronco Machine was founded in 1959 and is located in Willoughby Ohio just east of Cleveland. We have a history of making critical components for companies such as, Gould Ocean Systems, General Electric and the United States Department of Naval Ordnance. We can produce machined parts in lot sizes from 1 to 10,000 pieces in a wide variety of materials. We are very proud of our zero rejection rate with General Electric. But we are especially proud of the long term relationships we have developed with our customers and the faith our customers have in us to deliver the highest quality products, on time and at competitive prices.

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